Work Experience Courses

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FOR AGES: 16 & 17 ONLY


– Exclusively for GRMT alumni

– 4 positions available annually

– Enhance CV’s/resumes

– Opportunity for letters of recommendations

– Enhance your applications for college

– Experience in marketing, activity creation, classroom instruction, TA experience and more

– A-Level work experience applicable

– Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) applicable

– Arts Award applicable


Our Work Experience Courses are tailored exclusively for our esteemed alumni. These unique opportunities are designed for alumni from any of our courses, who are either looking to apply or have been personally invited to join us.

Each of our Theory courses have Work Experience courses that work alongside them. The GRMT Residential Crash Course (ABRSM) has two work experience places available, with our London & Los Angeles two-day courses having one work experience place each. 

During these programs, students delve into the inner workings of various departments, gaining hands-on experience in teaching assistant experience, marketing, activity creation, classroom instruction and more.

Beyond acquiring practical skills, participants will also have the chance to bolster their CVs/resumes and receive valuable letters of recommendation from our senior staff members.

For UK based students, this is a brilliant opportunity for A Level students needing to complete work experience for their qualifications. It is also a fantastic chance for students to use it towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) or Arts Award.

For US based students, this course allows you to enhance your college applications, especially the placements for the GRMT Residential Crash Course (ABRSM). 

Please note that no payment is needed for work experience courses, and that it is an unpaid experience. 

For those taking part in the Residential Work Experience option, parents/guardians can either source their own accommodation for their students, or the students can stay with us. Please note that if students reside with us, there is a fee for room and board, plus food. Please contact us for more information on this.

Please note, in the UK, our work experience courses offer a curated course-style learning environment, distinct from traditional ‘internships’. Emphasising structured curriculum, participants gain insider knowledge while adhering to the UK council-regulated work experience hours. This unique approach ensures a balanced and enriching educational experience for our students.

Please email [email protected] to express your interest in a Work Experience Course, or press ‘Apply Now’ at the top of the page.